Top 10 road trip games for your camper trailer holiday

Top 10 road trip games for your camper trailer holiday_IMG

Heading off on your camping holiday is an exciting time, but keeping kids amused in the car can be a daunting prospect especially if you’re trying to give them a little bit of screen free time. 

To say that we were totally unprepared for our first long car trip with the kids was an understatement. After singing “100 little ducks went out one day” for what felt like the millionth time (and yes, I know it’s only supposed to be 5 - but we needed a longer song) we realised that we needed to be a little more prepared!

So, the Modcon RV team have put our heads together to come up with our top 10 road trip games for your camper trailer holiday, complete with downloads.

1. Car Sign Bingo

Print these “Bingo” pages and laminate them, arm each kid with a bingo sheet and either a crayon or white board marker to mark off their finds. The first to fill their sheet calls Bingo!

typorama (20)

Click here to download Bingo pages

2. Colouring Sheets

Colouring sheets are a good way of keeping more artistic kids amused, but if you don’t relish the idea of all those pens or pencils in the car, try magic pen colouring books instead.

Modcon Colouring Page with new LogoClick here to download a Modcon colouring sheet

3. Rules

Everyone in the car makes up one nonsense rule, like “every time we pass a train we have to sing “down at the station, early in the morning” or “whenever we turn left everyone has to touch the roof of the car”. Every one but the last person to follow the rule gains a point. The person with the least points when you get to your destination loses.

4. Cow on My Side

This game is great when you’re heading out into the country. Be the first to yell, “cows on my side” when you see cows on your side of the road, or “cows on your side” if they’re on the opposite side of the car.  You get a point for each time you’re the first to call a herd of cows. To spice it up for older kids you can add “Ghost Cows”.  When you pass a cemetery the first person to yell “Ghost cow!” steals all the other side’s points.

5. Campground Battles

Older kids might enjoy our version of Battleships - Campground Battles.  Each player places their campers on their playing grid - The campers can only be placed vertically or horizontally. Campers may not overlap or be placed on top of another camper. Player's take turns guessing by calling out the coordinates. The opponent responds with "hit" or "miss" as appropriate.  Both players should mark their grid red for hit, blue or black for miss. When all of the squares that one your campers occupy have been hit, the camper will be bogged.   You should announce "hit and bogged".  As soon as all of one player's campers have all  been bogged, the game ends.

Campground BattlesClick here to download Modcon Campground Battles template

6. I Went Camping

Passengers take turn to say what they packed, but the catch is they have to remember all items that came before and say them in the correct order. For example, the person who starts might say ‘I went camping and I packed a swag’. The next person then says, ‘I went camping and I packed a swag and a sleeping bag’, followed by ‘I went Camping and I packed a swag, a sleeping bag and a ball’, and so on. 

7. Try our Word Search

Modcon Word Search

Click here to download our word search

8 - People Watching

Try playing “People Watching”. Pick a car near you on the road and make up a story about the people in the car. What are their names? Where do they come from? What do they do for a job? What kind of pets do they have? What are the pet’s names? Where are they going? What will they do when they get there? The sillier and more detailed the story, the better.

9 - Mazes

Whether you are aged 5 or 95, everyone loves the challenge of a maze!

Click here to download our Modcon maze

10. Camper Spotto

Play Camper Spotto – you get 1 point for every Hybrid, Caravan or Camper trailer that you see, and of course if you see a Modcon Camper make that 10 points!

And finally...

We have been known to resort to the Quiet game - where the first to speak loses, but most of the time we manage to get by without even having to break out the iPads.  And you know what? We very rarely hear “are we there yet?”  

Check out our "Tips for a fun and easy family camping experience" blog for more tips for camping with kids.

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